Purple Kick

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PURPLE KICK is a liquid blend of synthetic wetting agents, emulsifiers and inorganic detergents with extremely powerful emulsifying action.  PURPLE KICK will clean walls, leather surfaces, ceramic surfaces, concrete, fans, automobile engines, range hoods, ducts (except aluminum) , vinyl surfaces, white sidewall tyres, plastic surfaces and metal (except aluminum).



General Purpose:  15 parts water – 1 part

Heavy Duty:  5 parts water – 1 part

Wax Stripping:  4 parts water – 1 part

Oil and Dirt: 5 parts water – 1 part

Concrete Floors:  10 parts water – 1 part

Vinyl, Asphalt, Terrazzo Floor:  15 parts water – 1 part

Heavy Grease:  2 parts water – 1 part

Ovens:  Full Strength



May cause eye irritation.  Do not take internally – may be harmful if swallowed.   In case of eye contact flush immediately with water for at least 15 minutes. Call physician if irritation persists.  Skin:  Wash with water.  Ingestion:  do not induce vomiting.  Give large quantities of water followed by citric juice or one ounce of vinegar in water.  Follow with milk or olive oil.   Call physician immediately.  Safety glasses and rubber gloves are recommended with use of this product.



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